Meditation & Wisdom

Meditation & Wisdom

“Just as a person throws off old clothes and puts on new ones, so the inhabitant (Soul) of the body drops this body and takes on another new one. The Soul is eternal, all-pervading, unchanging, immovable, and timeless.”
– The Bhagavad Gita –

Life is a composite of invisible and indestructible energy (the Higher Self) and visible, changing matter – body and the world. Not knowing the invisible Higher Self leads to fear, separation, pain and suffering. Knowing about the Higher Self brings harmony, balance and joy in life.

Meditation and wisdom nurture both the invisible and visible aspects of you – they bring unlimited joy, freedom, inner peace, serenity, and eliminate fears. Meditation brings the mind to the present moment, builds self-confidence, helps overcome depression, and connects you to your intuition.

Your Higher Self is Krishna, Jesus Christ and Buddha, however you like to call That. The Essence of your Higher Self is the wisdom of Krishna, the love of Jesus and the silence of Buddha.

Mata Urmila Devi takes you through an inner journey, uncovering, along with you, the deeper levels of your True Being.

She teaches powerful yet effortless meditation techniques for home and office to get the conscious mind refreshed in a few minutes.

Meditation and wisdom help us penetrate into the deeper layers of our True Identity – the Higher Self – which is ever free, blissful, and beyond any pain or suffering.”