Music & Poetry

Mata Urmila Devi's music

The ancient Sanskrit Mantras carry healing cosmic energy vibrations. They are able to touch such energy in your very core, and awaken it. This enables the mind to come out of the repetitive flow of thoughts and experience expended Consciousness and bliss.

Mata Urmila Devi writes lyrics and her expressive Vedic chants are extremely popular: among others, the CD “Sacred Chants of Shiva” (published by Heaven on Earth Music, Craig Pruess) has received several awards and is played worldwide.

You are invited to enjoy this experience in her Satsangs, meetings and workshops.

Music CD’s – published

  • “Gyan Tarang- The Wave of Wisdom”
  • “Madhoshi- Divine Intoxication“
  • “Sacred Chants of Shiva”
  • “Divine Satsang” Live Concert
  • “Sacred Chants of Krishna-Mukunda” Vedic Chants
  • “Anahat” Live Mantra Concert
  • “Mahisasura Mardini”

Mata Urmila's music

All songs are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and many other music platforms.

Mata Urmila's poetry

Thou knocked at the door of my heart many a times,
I was ignorant – and followed the world.
Now I know my Beloved, The feelings rising from the depth of silence are
Thy words without a language.
– Mata Urmila Devi

Poems are spontaneous expressions of deep emotions, subtle feelings of search, call, longing, the experience of blissful awakening and Self-realization. Sometimes it is also a dialogue with the restless mind, which is striving for joy.
Sufism and mysticism have always had a great impact on Mata Urmila Devi`s life since younger age and inspired her to write, sing and dance.

Her talks and workshops often include her poems and those of the mystics and Sufis. She unfolds them like a bud bursts open into a blossomed flower. It is a unique experience in itself.

Oh, what a play I witness
Neither I am born, nor do I die
My body is born and the body alone dies
Neither am I the mind nor its fears and worries
I am not this and I am not that
I am pure witness watching the play called life.
– Mata Urmila Devi