Coaching & Workshops

Coaching & Workshops

“No one can teach you Truth. One can only inspire and teach you the techniques to shake off the collected conditioning about who and what you are!”

Spiritual coaching or consulting supports you to find and overcome the obstacles in your personal growth. It is a move from limited understanding to the unlimited exploration of your True Self. It brings joy, inner peace and contentment.

Coaching, consulting and yogic practices are supportive procedures to raise awareness dropping the fear-based belief patterns and emotions. These prevent you from living your inner freedom and your full potential in the present moment.

Through her work approach, Mata Urmila Devi gives a profound experience by combining music, meditation, yogic techniques and life wisdom.

She integrates in an excellent manner the wisdom of the East and innovative thinking of the West, making this knowledge accessible to everyone.

Her presence and her work can inspire lightness, freedom and awakening in people she meets.

“Life is so beautiful – it is a divine play in which we all have the opportunity to experience a reunion with our True Self.”

Embracing the “True You”
`Who Am I`?  – A move from fiction to REALITY

Inner Freedom
Living in “Now”


Mata Urmila Devi adapts her extensive repertoire of techniques as per the needs of groups of people or individuals.

  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • Rhythmic and mindful breathing
  • Meditations
  • Self-reflection work
  • Regression (a journey through time and space)