Essays for the Soul

Fear of death & overcoming it

I often meet people who suffer from fear of death, fear towards changes in life and fear of loosing what they posess. This type of fear is natural; it is a very deep rooted impresion in our memory. We can observe this type of fear even in small insects. Nevertheless, animals and insects are governed by nature but us, human beings, are endowed with discriminating faculty – we have the necessary intelligence for deeper realizations of life. As long as we are not aware about our Spirit, about our real Self, we identify ourselves with the body, mind, qualifications, roles and ego.

All these are ever changing; therefore, simply identifying with them is bound to bring fear and pain.  Deep within us, we know that we can not hold on forever to this body or to anything in this world. After going through suffering and pain repeatedly, many of us want to let go of these fears, and seek freedom and liberation. Fortunately, this is a simple thing to learn, for instance by pondering over some facts of life and by going through a simple mindful inquiry – Did you ever think about the one who calls your body “my body”? Overall, fear and stress can be minimized or can even be overcomed by regular practice of meditation, mindfulness and yogic breathing.

These practices enable you to discover your Intuition (sixth sense) and to gradually learn how to follow it. In this way, you transcend your limited idea of yourself and start exploring and experiencing your Spirit, your true Self, which is ever free from death and from any kind of suffering or pain. It is such a great joy, a repeated `Wow!` experience to gradually drop old patterns and beliefs. This is a real inner revolution and evolution.

April 2019, Basel

Health and Happiness

It is not possible to attain perfect health and lasting happiness just by external means – such as vitamins and minerals intake; jogging or going to the gym; or only by gaining money. Perfect health and lasting happiness depends very much on our inner attitude towards taking life the way it is. This means being free from past traumas, blocking old habit patterns, negative thinking, etc. Thus, being free from these blocks and being able to live in the present moment are essential for a healthy living.

Being aware of the source of life and having trust in the inner flow: the true Self. This awareness brings a happy ‘letting go attitude’, a radiating inner joy and the understanding that life is simply a play. Your life is like the most exciting movie, without any need to purchase a ticket for it. You purchased your ticket when you decided to incarnate; with the birth, the play has started. Just watch your own breath, thoughts, emotions and the body sensations linked to these! Your mind is the greatest scriptwriter and you are the main character, the hero in it.

December 2010, Grand Canarias