Yoga of Love, Wisdom & Freedom

The beauty of life is contained in the bud.
When it comes to full bloom, it cannot hold its fragrance within.

Spiritual Coaching

Discover your unlimited power, joy and inner freedom – not as a concept of the mind, but as a direct experience. Spiritual Coaching can help you move from holding on to a limited persona, to the discovery of unlimited love and freedom.

Mindful Practices

Urmila Devi regularly teaches mindful practices in workshops all over Europe. Such practices, which you can apply in your daily life, bring you back to the present moment, and enable you to experience life more deeply.


Meditation and wisdom give you the essential experience and understanding of who you really are. Reinvent yourself and reconnect to your intuition through effortless meditation and timeless wisdom.

Music & Poetry

You are the most enchanting melody of your life. You are one of the instruments of the cosmic symphony. The musical and creative expression represent an integral part of a happy and fulfilled life.

Re-discover True Happiness!

Contact Mata Urmila Devi for current and future Workshops, Spiritual Consulting and Coaching, as well as Meditation classes. Discover what lays beyond the state of walking, sleeping and dreaming awareness – a state that is an unlimited reservoir of energy, intelligence and creative power, and a place of infinite peace and tranquillity.